Readers who enjoyed my Book of Lies will find the characters in this new series a little older. In fact, Silvermay Hawker is sixteen years old when Tamlyn and Nerigold seek refuge in her village for themselves and a new-born child. Like every other girl in the district, Silvermay is immediately attracted to Tamlyn's solemn good looks. She also becomes a friend to Nerigold who is ill and often leaves Silvermay to care for the baby, Lucien. Poor Silvermay's heart becomes hopelessly confused when Tamlyn seems to show her more attention than he shows to Nerigold.


At the same time, dark forces are closing in, seeking Nerigold and her baby. These are the Wyrdborn, a despicable breed of wizards so corrupted by their own evil that they are easily manipulated by kings and lords to act as soldiers. The most dangerous of these is Coyle Strongbow and he has a special reason to get his hands on Lucien.


Warned of the danger, Tamlyn announces a sudden departure and despite her heart's anguish, Silvermay goes with them to help with the baby. They are heading for the mountains of Nan Tocha where the secret of Lucien's importance is hidden, but along the way Silvermay discovers that Tamlyn is one of the Wyrdborn.  He doesn't deny it, yet claims to be a different kind of Wyrdborn, taught by his mother to experience compassion and even the stirrings of affection. Silvermay is now freely and unashamedly in love with him, even though the threat of betrayal dogs her every moment.


By the time they reach Nan Tocha, Nerigold is very weak and Silvermay begins to worry that Lucien may be the cause. They meet Arnou Dessar who shows them ancient mosaics deep in an abandoned mine which reveal why Coyle is so desperate to get possession of little Lucien. The news comes too late for Nerigold, and Silvermay finds herself pledged to save the baby from his terrible fate. The key seems to lie in a far off land named Erebus Felan. But does it even exist?


This is a grand adventure, tinged with romance but also the most repellent evil. Ride the winds with Silvermay, as she battles her heart and the forces that would destroy all that she loves.





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