Silvermay has narrowly escaped a gruesome death at the hands of Coyle Strongbow, but the fiend has taken something she values more than her life. He has Lucien, the baby she and Tamlyn have sworn to protect. There is never any doubt that the pair will go after him - but how will they find Coyle when he could be hiding anywhere in the kingdom.

 Worse still, their friend Ryall is close to death. Silvermay sets aside her fears for Lucien in order to bring Ryall to the only one who can save him and so begins the journey homeward. There is time now for her to know Tamlyn better than ever before and her heart responds. Yet Tamlyn carries the cruel demons of the Wyrdborn within him and they tax his soul when news arrives from the capital - the worst news any son can hear - and the promises he has made to Silvermay seem swept aside.

 Silvermay does what she can to help him, but this is a struggle that he must win within himself and the pain this brings her and the challenge to her love are almost too much to bear. It comes as a relief then when they discover where Lucien is being held and hatch a plan to release him from Coyle's clutches, before he can be corrupted by the Wyrdborn's poison.

 Their daring scheme takes them to a place no one would enter willingly, a world of the mad and the desperate. Even this is far from the worst they face, however, once they come across Coyle's hiding place. Can Silvermay trust Tamlyn to put Lucien's rescue before all things, or will the thirst for bloody revenge that swirls so ominously beneath his skin be too much for him to resist?





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