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Dougy is a young Aboriginal boy. "I'm nobody much," he thinks of himself. But when his little outback town erupts in violence and the brooding river breaks its banks, isolating the townsfolk, it is Dougy who must save his sister, Gracey.

(One magazine reviewer said this story had the most tense and exciting climax of any book he had read in years. Everyone reads the last fifty pages without stopping.)

I wrote this story in 1990 and having recently re-read it for the new edition, I was surprised at how little it has dated. At the same time, it saddens me that many of the difficulties that Dougy faces still exist for boys like him nearly twenty year later. The reasons for this don't all lie in the failure of Government policies and programs.

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Gracey - This is a companion book to 'Dougy' . When Dougy finds some old bones on a building site, he has no idea how they will affect the lives of his sister Gracey and his brother, Raymond. It is Gracey, a champion athlete now attending boarding school in the city who questions her identity as an Indigenous Australian. This is a moving story that doesn’t pull any punches

This novel, too, has stood the test of time. In fact, it is more relevant than ever now that many schools in capital cities have embarking on ambitious programs designed to ensure that promising Indigenous students receive a sound secondary education. They do this by bringing such students to their boarding schools, which means they must leave home and family, just as Gracey does in this book. On one level this is a wonderful opportunity, but on another it may come to be seen as a further attempt to 'steal' Indigenous children away from their people.

FAQ for Dougy, Gracey and Angela



Angela - This is the third and concluding novel in the Gracey Trilogy. Angela had been Gracey's closest friend at Hamilton College. Now as the pair head off to University, Gracey meets new Aboriginal friends while Angela is distracted by love. The friends begin to drift apart. Can a friendship like this survive? Each girl has things to learn about herself, her family and the past, things which will strengthen their friendship or break them apart forever.

FAQ for Dougy, Gracey and Angela


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