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The designer of this cover was very clever. Can you see a famous magical act in the upside down image


"Disappearing Act" is for readers up to thirteen years old.  As you can tell from the cover and the title it is about magic, but not the Harry Potter kind. This is about stage magic and the fun of learing to be a magician. It is also a mystery adventure story that takes its main character, Matt Cooper from Australia to the little known land of Montilargus. Here Matt will become friends with a princess and be threatened with a life in prison if he doesn't solve a mystery that has bewitched Montilargus for many decades.

  It all starts in Sydney, when Matt sees an old man writing strange words on the footpath. Somehow he knows the words to write next. But it's not magic. No, no, no! 'Only the heart knows magic is real'. Many discoveries await Matt before he understands what those words mean to his family.

  Matt will never learn the story of Joachim Tannislaus, but you will when you read "Disappearing Act"  Joachim's story lies hidden inside the mysteries that Matt is trying to uncover. His story is tragic but it is also cruel. See if you can guess why, even though Matt Cooper never does.





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