In a far away village beside a waterfall, a young boy awakens with no memory of who he is. A strange little girl named Bea tells him that his name is Marcel and that the wizard who lives above their orphanage has used the power of a magical book against him.

So starts an adventure that will see Marcel face red-eyed wolves, a fall from a high cliff and even a ferocious dragon as he desperately tries to reclaim his destiny and discover who he truly is. Most of all, he must try to sift truth from lies - not an easy task when the truth can be twisted to carry off the most stunning deception of all.

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To tell too much about this second adventure would spoil the first for those who haven't read The Book of Lies. Marcel's brother Fergus sets out on his quest for revenge against the man who deceived him so cruelly. But unless Marcel can stop him, this act of revenge will only bring more misery. In his floundering attempts to undo the terrible magic he has set loose, Marcel almost gets himself and Nicola drowned. Rescued by the Grand Master of Sorcery, they take refuge in the ominous city of Cadell where dangers of a new kind assail them.

This story is as much about Nicola and Fergus as it is about Marcel, but only he has the power to throw back the evil that threatens. Can he do it? And if one of his close companions is going to die, which one will it be?






Here it is, the third and final adventure to follow The Book of Lies and Master of the Books.

You won't like Marcel much for parts of this book. He has grown very powerful and power can change a person. Bea is back in this story and a lot of what happens is told from her point of view. If you get annoyed with Marcel, just wait to see how angry Bea gets!

This story takes you to a world the living are not meant to visit in a quest to rid all men of evil, once and for all. Only a great hero could do such a thing - or at least, only a fool would try. If you have followed Marcel, Fergus, Nicola and little Bea from the beginning, then you just have to know how it ends.


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