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Silvermay has managed to steal Lucien back from Tamlyn's father, Lord Coyle and, with the help of Miston Dessar, they escape from Vonne accompanied by Tamlyn, Ryall and the Felan spy, Geran. There is only one place she can take Lucien where he might be freed of the Wyrdborn curse - Erebis Felan, and that is where Geran agrees to lead them.

Greeted with suspicion by the Felan, she manages to convince the Elders to help and at last Tamlyn can foresake his powers and embrace the love that Silvermay longs to give him. But for Lucien the path is not as simple and when Coyle arrives offshore, along with the rest of the Wyrdborn, each eager to claim the power that resides in little Lucien, Silvermay must again show all the courage she discovered within herself in the earlier adventures.

And what of Lucien? The Wyrdborn invasion forces changes upon him that no one could have forseen. He calls on Silvermay for a different kind of love now, leaving her with a dilemma that no young woman has ever faced before. She must chose between the two people she loves most and might yet lose them both.

Read on through unexpected twists and turns to the thrilling conclusion of the Silvermay Saga.



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